Stock Sales

My work can be licensed for commercial stock photography use (file downloads).

For most images you can access the download tab after clicking on the "BUY" button. If there is no download tab please contact me.

What is stock photography?

When a person or company requires photographs for a commercial or editorial purpose, an alternative to hiring a photographer is to license an existing photograph. Existing photographs are showcased in online galleries on websites owned by individual photographers or by stock photography agencies. Agencies may have searchable catalogues or databases to assist with finding the image and different companies offer different levels of assistance in finding the image to satisfy the client's need. Proceeds from agency sales are shared between the photographer and the stock agency. Many professional photographers such as myself derive an important part of their income by shooting images specifically for stock purposes. Also, many photographers will develop a niche according to their abilities and preferences. Although I sell a wide variety of stock imagery, aerial stock photography has become a significant niche.

Aerial Stock Photography

I specialize in low-level aerial stock photography using a remote-controlled camera suspended below a kite. This is known as kite aerial photography or KAP for short.

My aerial work can be accessed chronologically through the Kite Aerial Photography galleries here on my website. For specific location or subject matter, try a keyword search for "location, aerial" or "subject, aerial".

General Stock Photography

When not flying a kite, I revert to traditional photography techniques. Many of the images I shoot are in the realm of stock photography so please check out my stock/download galleries.

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