Pinhey's Point in Winter, Ottawa River - KAP 2012-6 - robhuntley
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The Point in Winter - Pinhey's Point, Ontario. Kite aerial photography.

The Point. Pinhey's Point in winter, Ottawa River. Quebec on the far side and the Gatineau Hills.

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This is an aerial photograph taken with a camera suspended below a kite line (Kite Aerial Photography - KAP).

Pinhey's Point projects out into the Ottawa River near the community of Dunrobin, Ontario, not far to the west of Canada's capital city of Ottawa. This is mid winter in the Ottawa Valley and you can walk, or snow shoe rather, out onto the river along most of its course. This aerial photograph is taken using Kite Aerial Photography, whereby a remote controlled camera is suspended below a kite line. The perspective is lower than that normally attained by shooting aerial photographs from an aircraft. Kite Aerial Photography

© Rob Huntley

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