Chaudière Falls from Parc des Portageurs - KAP 2008-11 - robhuntley
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These power lines look closer than they are. I was very conscious of the safety concerns of flying kites near power lines. If I had been flying the kite at right angles to the lines (which I wasn't) you might conclude that the kite must be almost over them for the camera to be where it is. However, this pylon is well out in the river (surrounded by ice not land) and this is a shot looking almost backwards from the direction of the kite line. The previous picture of the falls shows the next pylon standing at the edge of the falls. You can see there that I'm not even close with the equipment and the kite line was leftwards of that pylon too.
This image was taken from a camera suspended below a kite (Kite Aerial Photography - KAP).
© Rob Huntley

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