Can I use your photograph if I give you credit?

Short answer:  NO!

I am a stock photographer. Many professional photographers such as myself derive an important part of their income by shooting images specifically for stock purposes. Using a stock image requires a license. The fees for licensing my images are reasonable and are offered at commercial rates as well as personal use rates. Please see my Stock Sales page for more explanation.

How do I join your mailing list?

Click here:  Subscribe to my Newsletter. (You can unsubscribe yourself any time).

Why can't I login to my customer account?

Customer accounts apply to shop sales of cards and prints at You must be in the shop to use login to arrive at your customer account.

Purchases on  do not require a customer account. Trying to login there will fail because it only applies to the administrator.

Where can I view your cards and prints?

I participate in craft fairs in the Ottawa area several times per year where I sell my greeting cards and small gift-sized matted prints. Occasionally I display finished prints in a gallery environment, sometimes as part of a larger presentation by other photographers and artists. I also have greeting cards available at a couple of retail locations in Westboro (Ottawa).

Since locations and dates of fairs and shows are ever changing, it is best to subscribe to my newsletter. You could also LIKE one of my Facebook pages and receive updates that way:

Facebook: Rob Huntley Photography

Facebook: Rob's Cards & Prints

Subscribe to my Newsletter. (You can unsubscribe yourself any time).

What is Stock Photography?

Briefly, when a person or company requires photographs for a commercial or editorial purpose, an alternative to hiring a photographer is to license an existing photograph. That licensed photograph is a stock photograph. I have a full page describing this in more detail and the nature of my stock work. Click here for more information.

What is kite aerial photography?

Known by practitioners as "KAP", kite aerial photography provides the opportunity to obtain low-altitude aerial photographs that cannot be achieved shooting from an aircraft. It can be done at lower cost and the images obtained are unique. After launching a suitable stable kite to height of approximately 100-150 ft a remote controlled camera is attached to the kite line mounted on a housing which enables pan and tilt control. Kite aerial photography pre-dates aerial photography with drones by over 100 years. 

My KAP galleries can be found here.

You can look at some of the equipment here to get an idea. I've not updated the section for a long time and the camera and remote equipment shown has been replaced several times.

Why are there multiple shopping carts?

There are 2 shopping carts at work on my website. My apologies in advance if you are experiencing difficulty trying to buy multiple items from different areas. The reason is that I have two different suppliers. Thus you may have to order some items separately. Please use the contact form to obtain assistance if required. Here is a description of the breakdown:

There are two halves to my website: holds the stock photography galleries where, besides downloads, there is also an option of buying prints. My website host is SmugMug who manages sales of downloads and Print on Demand (POD) prints. In the case of prints, the printing and shipping is done by SmugMug. Sales of both the prints and downloads are managed by the SmugMug shopping cart.   (Shopping Cart #1).

robscards.caholds 'Rob's Cards and Prints'. Greeting cards and gift-sized prints, which I also sell at craft fairs and retail locations, are purchased through a Shopify shopping cart (Shopping Cart #2). The small gift-sized prints are printed and matted by me. The greeting cards are printed by a local company who gives them to me. I maintain stock of greeting cards and gift-sized prints. These prints and the greeting cards are then shipped by me.

Why does some or your photographic work look painted?

Printing on canvas can significantly affect the way a photograph looks. But more than that I use a number of in camera techniques as well as post processing techniques to give an image a painted quality. I do not add paint to any of my work.

Intentional camera movement (ICM) with slow shutter speed can often give a pleasing result. Photographing reflections in water or glass or shiny cars, etc can also give a painted quality. These are in-camera techniques.

I also use specific software to produce various art effects, including art filters, photoshop tweaks and HDR (high dynamic range) processing of several exposures into one image, usually to balance lighting.

Why do you have 3 Facebook pages?

I have a personal Facebook page and two business pages:

1. My personal page is for sharing with friends and family.

2. My primary business page is for sharing current new photography, interests and events. It can be found at:  Please LIKE.

3. I also have a business page devoted to Greeting Cards and Prints where I promote new work available for purchase and periodic promotions. It can be found at:   Please LIKE.

Why do you have 2 Instagram accounts?

I have two business accounts. 

1. One is devoted to my general photography - new work plus older work that I haven't shown in this forum previously. My handle is @kapnrob and the page can be found at   Please follow.

2. The second one is for people to follow who have  interest in my greeting cards and prints. My handle is @robscards and the page can be found at  Please follow.

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