Chaudière Falls from Parc des Portageurs - KAP 2008-11 - robhuntley
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Les Terrasses de la Chaudiere at the corner of rue Montcalm and rue Laurier in Hull (Gatineau). Next time I won't chop the top off. This was a learning experience regarding tilt of camera and distance from a large subject. The camera rig conveniently gives a commonly used 10 degree below level standard which is suitable for most images to produce a high horizon line and minimum sky. I thought I was far enough away that this setting would include the whole of the building complex. Next time I will shoot this dead level and hopefully include the top of the building.
Parts of the snow are overexposed but I included the image in this gallery because it is presently my best shot of Les Terrasses de la Chaudiere. I guess the camera saw 50/50 light and dark areas so the +2/3 exposure compensation overexposed the whites.
This picture was taken from a camera rig suspended below a kite (Kite Aerial Photography - KAP).
© Rob Huntley

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